Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cupcake on Cupcake

When icing cupcakes I normally just pile it on with a palatte knife, but for these birthday cupcakes for a family friend I decided to have a proper go at piping. There are so many different kinds of piping bags and having previously used the disposable ones, on a brief encounter with piping (it was okish), this time I decided to test out a silicone bag which was supposed to be really good. I can tell you that it wasn't. The icing squeezed out around the nozzle, which eventually popped out. Despite the bag issues they turned out pretty cute, with pink spotty cases and topped with mini chocolate cupcakes.

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Found. Cake

I will take any excuse to make cupcakes. Yesterday was my sister's company's quarterly review, and considering the only reports I hear from her work are about things she has eaten, I figured cupcakes would be appreciated in her workplace. The company are called Found. and they are an online performance marketing agency and their colour is purple, so I did simple purple frosting with purple glitter. Judging by the voicemail left for me I think they went down well.

Idol Nights

So I'm aware of the lack of posts, this has been due to hideous amounts of end of term essays and a rather nasty cold. These Idol cupcakes were for an American Idol viewing night a few weeks ago. American Idol pretty much takes over our lives for a few months and I love it. We often have friends over to watch it and so I made these bright blue cupcakes complete with ice cream cone microphones.

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